About Green 111 blog @ WordPress

a blog in the center, pointed to the lighthouse, being built at the eye of the storm, of the information age, in the 21st Century.

The government of the most powerful nation in the world, began a top secret project; artificial intelligence was analyzing historical data and discovering incongruities in our known knowledge of history.

100 of the worlds best historians, speaking many different languages were contracted to scour the scrolls and scripts from all known human history searching for a congruent answer to what is and was the greatest human civilization on earth in time. 10 of the worlds truly gifted psychics were contracted to look into and up to 1000 years into the future to answer the same question, a perspective on at what moment and what time, this greatest civilization existed. In addition the worlds sharpest billionaire entrepreneur and visionary was awarded the 1 contract to manage the entire top secret government project.

Historians were discovering the recurrence of an early written number, the roman numeral 3, it was always in the best draft of the best script.

The psychics were discovering that there was a possible reality in the 21st century of an alternate possible extraordinary feat of humanity, in which a respect for natural environment was written into law, in the future in relation, the recurrence of the number one hundred and eleven kept appearing as the key to this obscure potential civilization.

Mostly there was the word,  it kept reappearing in historical text and the psychic visions, it was  the word “green”, a color and even a symbol, considered as representing the miracle, of photosynthesis in living plants. A color that became a symbol for living, life, on, earth.

Vehicle traffic control in cities, when the green light turned on, meant go, move forth, carry on, in the absence of the green lite light meant halt, stop, do not proceed.

It is even said to have been known that 20th century story tellers, would call it a green light motion picture in where a script was considered qualified to produce.

A time consuming distraction was researching the  descendants of Green for any significance, spread all over the world, not many of them amounted to much, but there is a interesting blog in the year 2018, a long lost sun of Green, living just, outside the box, free. He built blogs and websites, and maybe one day a company.

This Green was the one, contracted by the 1 as a result of this top secret project, to build the 3 ones, only paid a small pittance for this, in the law of the land. The test for any and all, is to form solid gold, from thin air, water, earth and in cases, fire.

Green’s Green 111 blog is @ WordPress and online, in real time; at the forefront asking the question of the standard? and applying a mathematical formula discovered in the project;

360 degrees times 21 equals 111

even one day add the number 8, (or infinity clause)