Friday January the eighteenth two thousand and nine teen. in the beginning was complete darkness and perfect silence. once upon a time, long long a long in short a log; in and out of water for now in and on this day in evening to come with a perfect Sun Set… again?


17 years and 17 days a A a1 to Go Global… Leonidas meets jimmy jammy a, Johnny, U2 and Uniteus…

seminole chant and a didgeriDoo

2 4 Ballace, repeat and come again:


the goal and mission is to build the foundation for a living school of life and hard knocks for a rich bored and pathetic weak willed and confused, lost, hurt blind and Lost Boys and Girls Clubs Spades Diamonds Hearts and mostly even Cards Decks and Hands also great feets too…

so It took me that long, that many lives, and on the 9th life even this time, the cat came back… microsoft corp is down and out for the count, they just don’t know it yet. so what and ? what. and also the revolution of whatsoever what is actually now on. I have complete access to all of my accounts. hey. yo so is, if your ever bored, check out some decent videos, @ or even mostly or so to. many wonderful and exciting things coming for the station network soon enough. check it out and let me know, in a like or a comment or even so follow and be rewarded true. in kind. right, to every wrong. the story that’s written, now presents.

Hello Again. today is May the 12th 2018.

I am very proud to announce, I am launching a new media company.

I will donate the 1st story board to the WordPress com organization and corporation, on a blog in the name of.

effective today and hence forth forward. press (cd) a1 a

the new 21 files

The Legend of May the 7th 2018.

Season 1, original content set to release. July 1st 2018.


in case I dont see you, Good Morning, and at high noon, good afternoon, good evening and good night, good and even all people.

cd a1 a green111, file a1 a .000



In the (Beginning) was the (Word,) and the word was good.

this blog, is dedicated to the power of the written (Word.)

some say writers are a (dime) a (dozen)!

even the ones that can:

on the flip of a (dime)  come in and, (rhyme,) like, every single (time.)

I got the point, and a pencil, all I need is a little bit of (paper) (Paper.)

I say; (obviously) without the written word(/language) (I wont even think of that world)

to add to that, a (good) word as well.


Good, Mind, Matters’s, Result/s

Here is a simple question?

Where, Do, You, Stand?

A, Typical, Throw – Down! ~

As seen on free G tv; Great Video;

notes on; Neuroscience, NLP, Biology, Quantum Physics.

the power in, people, to heal, not just, on a, singular level, but in a, chain effect, the entire organism.

here’s, Kevin James; in “Here Comes The Boom!” ~Biology 101 (not so boring,) class;

2min. 54sec.

be-aware, like, and share;

Welcome to Green 111,

this is the central blog for the 2018 project; revamp archived blogs

As mentioned in the previous post, a new blog is being developed for the exploration of the sustainable technologies market

Feel free to join any of these blogs, view and/or participate, enjoy

Another ongoing 2018 project of mine, a service, an excellent collection of videos, free, online, concerning sustainable development, and aspects of “green” living, education and entertainment;

I appreciate positive, as opposed to the doom and gloom versions of environmental information videos

watch excellent video collections free, from around the web @, on this domain;

Free Green TV .com 

my best wishes, to you and yours, as we venture forth.